Anton Tregellan

Adventurer, Sailor, Swordsman, Hero, Accomplished Amateur Chef!!!


Born into a life of comfort to the influential Tregallan family in St. Austell, Anton was destined to assume ownership of the family’s lucrative tin-mining enterprise. However, fate’s fickle hand intervened when it was finally time for Anton to take over the running of the business, and saw the family’s three mines all run dry of valuable ores within two years of one another and the family’s business collapsed.

Bereft of his inheritance, but ever the optimist, Anton packed his blades and a good bottle of red wine, and struck out on his own across the ocean in the hope of earning back his fortune and returning to take care of his three sisters and elderly mother.

In his spare time, Anton likes to experiment in the exciting world of mackerel, mango and smoked boar cuisine that he has christened ‘Tregellan style’.

Anton Tregellan

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