Jiim de Jong


Jiim came from a poor background, but the early loss of his father and mother to illness meant he was forced to take steps to earn income for his siblings. Well, that’s the story he told people to explain his criminal tendencies. Truth be told, he was simply good at it – passing unseen, scaling heights others didn’t consider, opening items thought locked – and it beat working for a living. He got no pleasure from killing – it was about the money – but sometimes killing for defence and to right a wrong was just a part of life.

He found a talent for being a marksman, but this was little needed in his locale. With heat mounting from the wealthier class (now slightly less wealthy than they were before), he decided to turn for the fresh shores of the Caribbean where his talents sounded more valuable.

Jiim was no seaman, but he jumped ship at the first chance to a pirate crew, but his eagerness to start his new life had led him astray. The pirates he had joined were cruel and sloppy. Almost immediately, the ship was captured by the Spanish navy. Despite not having carried out any act of piracy, he was flogged and tortured all the same – a branded man. His dislike of the Spanish had begun.

Many heard of the Frenchmen chased out by the Spanish who went to ground at Tortuga. The Spanish tried to drive them further but tales of French, English and Dutch joining the Frenchmen meant they held their ground – to join these men against the Spanish was a beacon to Jiim.

And so Jiim had joined the buccaneers as they first formed. Robbing Spanish islands and galleons. Landing nearby and attacking forts from land side, or sneaking on board vessels before shooting the helmsman and officers. His stealth and musket combined perfectly for Jiim to be a useful buccaneer.

Recently, a concerted Spanish effort to find the buccaneers had scattered Jiim’s group. They had agreed to lay low for a few months and meet again once the Spanish got tired of their search. So, Jiim was now on a ship headed to anywhere. As a branded man, his only concern was to never get caught by the authorities.

Jiim de Jong

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