Leonard Bennett

Cheerful curly haired knife-wielding sailor man, yo ho!


Leonard “Lennie” Bennett is a man of slightly above average height. He has a fairly thin face with a cheerful grin seemingly a permanent fixture, surmounted by a mop of curly dark hair. He wears sailors clothing and appears to be unarmed apart from a single knife at his belt.
He’s always ready with a smile and a joke, and seems happy to be everyone’s pal.
He’s an extremely skilled knife fighter and in fact is carrying many more knives than that one visible one, but he takes pains not to show this until it’s actually knifin’ time.


Lennie Bennett is loyal to a fault – and that fault is that he tends to take murderous vengeance on anyone he perceives to have crossed him or his friends. That’s why he was looking for a berth when the Sea Cat came into port – the quartermaster and bosun of his previous ship, who’d been conspiring to cheat the crew out of their pay, feeding them rank spoiled rations, and ripping them off in a dozen other ways, disappeared one night under cover of a storm.
The captain couldn’t pin anything on Lennie and he was too popular to simply maroon, but at the next port the captain told Lennie it was time to part ways.
Bennett’s served cheerfully (if occasionally also murderously) on all sorts of vessels over the years, including a spell as a surgeon’s mate on a privateer which left him with some basic healing skills. The only role he’s never really filled is that of gunner, as he’s never really got on with black powder weapons. Thrown knives are quieter, work in the rain, and don’t have to be reloaded (although you do occasionally have to wander over and pull them back out of a corpse). So far though, Lennie hasn’t found a way to scale them up into shipboard weapons.

Bennett speaks English, Spanish, and English Creole.
He is a lay priest of Neptune, God of the Oceans.
His favourite food is ‘boar and mango surprise’, especially when the surprise is “it’s not boar and mango today!”.

Leonard Bennett

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